Collectivism's 20th Century Murder Toll

The Foul and Cankerous Blight of Collectivism
Quite arguably, no greater scourge upon humanity reigned during the 20th century than the primitive superstitions of the inapt misnomer of "socialism". With its attacks upon private property, Christian religion, and the family, socialism's barbarous march of mayhem and murder wreaked unfathomable havoc upon 20th century civilization.

An estimated tally for the reign of collectivist destruction has been published by R. J. Rummel of the University of Hawaii and is included within the table below for easier access. The source of the figures in Table 1 is the website here.

Table 1: The 20th Century Collectivist Death Toll

Collectivist Regime Religion Murder Toll (Millions) Period
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics [USSR] Atheist 61.911 1917-1987
Chinese Communists [PRC] Atheist 35.236 1949-1987
German (National) Socialists [Nazis] Pagan 20.946 1933-1945
China (Mao Soviets) Atheist 3.466 1923-1949
Cambodian Communists Atheist 2.035 1975-1979
Vietnamese Communists Atheist 1.670 1945-1987
Polish Communists Atheist 1.585 1945-1948
Yugoslavian Socialists Atheist 1.072 1944-1987
North Korean Communists Atheist 1.663 1948-1987
Grand Total   129.6 70 Years

A. Figures do not include war dead.
B. Figures used are midpoint between high and low estimates
C. The inaptly named "socialism" would be more aptly named "primitivism", or something to that effect

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