What is Beacon?

Beacon is a free Android app, designed for smartphones, that communicates the key ideas of virtue, liberty, and prosperity to your social networks in a secure, non-intrusive manner.

Beacon's content may also be found in The Lanterns micro-book, available exclusively through The Lanterns includes sources cited and references for additional reading.


What are the key features?

- Easy Runs automatically, as a background phone service
- Private No personal information collected or transmitted
- Free No cost to you
- Simple Straight-forward controls
- Networked Works with Facebook and Twitter


Additional Notes

- Available through Google Play

- Simple interface, designed for Android smartphones

- If you don't have a Google account, download from by clicking here.

- Questions or comments? Ask below.


Western Civilization
Of Property
» Of the State of War
» The Constitution of Liberty
» The Road to Serfdom
» The Fatal Conceit

Democratic Processes
» Democracy in America

» The Federalist

Messaging and Tactics
» Politics and the English Language
» The Sling and the Stone
» The Crowd

Know Thy "Progressives"
» The Road We Are Traveling
» The War Against the West
» Civilization & Its Discontents

» Socialism in our Past and Future
» The Socialist Phenomenon

The Socialist Phenomenon
Section 1: Intro, Plato, Heresies
Section 2: European Utopianism
Section 3: Totalitarianism in History

» Thomas Muntzer: "Community Organizer"
» German National "Socialism"

» Why the Worst Get On Top
» Murder By Collectivism: Stats

Comments, Questions?